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 For anyone looking to get into Forensics

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For anyone looking to get into Forensics Empty
PostSubject: For anyone looking to get into Forensics   For anyone looking to get into Forensics Icon_minitimeWed Jul 20, 2011 8:31 am

We seem to get a post about "How do I get into computer forensics?" everyday and no one seems to look at the previous posts, so I'm going to summarize the options when it comes to Certifications and Training...

Online training is always an option! Especially the CCE bootcamp. You can take it either from ISFCE's website (cftco.com) or from Kennesaw State University at kennesaw.edu/coned/sci/index.htm

Or if on a Linux platform, have them check out ftp .hq.nasa.gov/pub/ig/ccd/linuxintro/ - a Law Enforcement introductory guide to forensics with Linux. Written by Barry Grundy of NASA (yes, the space people).

Continuing on the Linux platform they could try Autopsy (a free forensic web browser front end for The Sleuth Kit) - both available for free at sleuthkit.org/

There are also a number of good pdf intro to forensics out there such as:

CERT First Responder Guide to Computer Forensics available at sei.cmu.edu/publications/documents/05.reports/05hb001.html

CERT First Responder Guide to Computer Forensics - Advanced available at cert.org/archive/pdf/05hb003.pdf

Investigations involving the Internet by NIJ available at ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/210798.pdf

National High Tech Crime Unit (UK) computer forensic guide available at devon-cornwall.police.uk/v3/pdfstore/ElecEvid.pdf

And then you have sites like forensicswiki.org/ Note the "s" at the end of forensic otherwise you end up at the wrong site.

And sites from people like Dan MARES (http://www.maresware.com/) and Paul SANDERSON (sandersonforensics.com/) who both offer free tools along with paid ones, and both have a plethora of links to other resources.

Personally I would not recommend them to jump into Brian Carrier's book as an intro into the world of forensics. It's an excellent resource for filesystems. But it may be a bit much for someone looking to get their feet wet.

With all of the above it's plenty to get someone introduced to the world of computer forensics. Some of the PDFs may be slightly dated.

But even so the principles will generally still be applicable.


Civilian Certs....

CISSP - isc2.org

GCFA - giac.org/certifications/security/gcfa.php

CCE - certified-computer-examiner.com/

CCFT - htcn.org/cert.htm

EnCE - guidancesoftware.com/training/ence/index.asp

ACE - accessdata.com

Law Enforcement / Government only Certs....

CFCE - cops.org

CEECS - cops.org

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For anyone looking to get into Forensics
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